Safe Heaven Inc

Changing Through Humanity, Change Through Caring


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Wanna make a difference in the world and also Be a part owner of a non Grassroots organization?

The first 20,000 Co-Founders will be named Board Members

Safe Heaven’s Co-founders are everyday citizens like you and I, who wanted to help start a non profit organization for the sole purpose
of ridding the world of Human Trafficking. Every Co-Founder is on the same level and each will have the same voting power.

Our Co-Founders are the ones that will make this work on more levels than one.

Here are the benefits of being a Co-Founder of Safe Heaven:

  • 100% Input of company funds and resources
  • Free Quarterly vacations
  • Real Grassroots startup
  • Board of director seats
  • Board of Advisor seats
  • Use of Company name for legitimate Sponsorships and Events
  • Company Email Address
  • Make a difference
  • Name on Company Website
  • Notarized and signed certified Co-Founder Certificate
  • Thousands of discounts of 50% or more just for being a non profit
  • Legal Documents saying that you are a Co-Founder.
  • Use on Resumes

Join as a Co-Founder today for only $15 limited time and help us put an end to Human Trafficking